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Wood fence is the most popluar choice for a backyard fence. Whether you need fence repair, fence replacement or a brand new fence, we are the go to fencing company in Santa Maria, Ca.

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Why choose a Wood Fence?

A well built wood privacy fence can offer you benefits not found with other fence types.

A secluded refuge – In many suburban neighborhoods, they don’t leave much room between neighboring houses. So if you have a pool or hot tub in your backyard, it can be difficult to use them without feeling like you are being put on display.

A privacy fence will help make you feel like you are in your own little world without having to worry about who might be watching you. Even if you don’t have a pool or hot tub, it is very relaxing to have a place to go where you can be alone and a nice, tall privacy fence can give you that.

A deterrent – Even if you don’t live in a high crime area, you don’t want to make it too easy to access your property or possessions. A standard property fence is not too difficult to get over, so it might be tempting for trespassers or criminals.

But, a solid privacy fence raises the difficulty just enough so that neighborhood thieves and vandals will probably go looking for an easier target.

Higher property values – When built by a professional and maintained correctly, any wood fence will raise the value of your home. Privacy fences just tend to make it go up the most. Since they are often built of quality wood and are tightly constructed they give an eye-catching, sophisticated look to your home.

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Protection from burglars and thieves – A standard fence won’t do much to deter a professional thief but a privacy fence might. Before a thief picks a target, they scope out the neighborhood to see which would be the best options.

They watch to see if you have things like: a large dog, expensive cars, tough home security, etc. They also watch to see when you will be at home and when you won’t. A privacy fence makes all of that much harder to ascertain so they will often pass by your house to hit an easier one.

Protection for your pets and kids – There are several different types of fences that can keep your children and pets safely in your backyard. For instance, chain link is often used in backyard fences because it is so affordable and durable.

There is one problem though. Pets and children can be impressive climbers when the need arises and most chain link fences are only around 4-5 feet tall. Privacy fences are much taller and tend to be made out of smooth wood which does not offer paw or handholds like a chain link mesh would.

Cedar Fence

Surrounding your property with cedar fencing gives your home a sturdy and durable protective barrier without sacrificing beauty. Cedar fencing in Santa Maria brings a natural and strong presence to any yard. Cedar is known to be more stable than other softwoods. As a result, it is easy to work with, yet holds strong against the wear and tear of the natural elements.

Cedar fencing is often pitch-free and resin-free. In other words, the longevity of cedar wood can easily be extended since it readily accepts finishes and protective coatings. Maintaining your cedar fence (and enhancing its appearance) is simple and cost-effective, which makes cedar fencing an excellent investment for your home or property.

Cedar fencing ages well due to the properties of the wood. Beyond its durability, cedar fencing provides rich color and texture, making it a beautiful addition to any property. The red undertones found in cedar wood add a unique style to your fence. Cedar fencing also comes in many different options for shapes and sizes.

These options can include various tops such as rounded, spearhead, or pointed. When you customize your cedar fence, you can be sure that it will fit the style of your home, while adding security to your property. Cedar wood provides an excellent shield of privacy so that you and your family can enjoy your yard while feeling safe and secure.

Cedar fencing resists the tendencies to warp and expand or shrink, unlike many other wood fence materials. Cedar fencing is the best choice for homeowners who want a natural look that is also naturally resistant to outside elements. If you’re looking for cedar fence installation services in the Santa Maria area, contact us today!

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